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Premium September Meditation: Explore yourself as a source of light, and find more integration and oneness in this world and beyond. We can all be better channels for service on ea...

Healing For You

Exclusive for Premium Members.In this talk you will understand better why certain remedies work for your healing or not. Original talk from St John's School Winnipeg. May 2021.  

Eternal Sun is a healing meditation for you and the whole planet. It is a wonderful meditation sent to us from Monroe Romanian Trainer Ritta Nicoara.  The style of meditat...

Discover the world of Maroma Fair Trade products.In this episode you will know all about the face products that Aromansse Canada has in stock for you.  

Short Spring Energy Meditation to rejuvenate and feel the Love!It can be done standing like Chi Gong meditation or sitting and visualizing in your mind eye. Sorry. Our microphone i...

Prediction 2021

Listen the Live Channeling Year's Predictions 2021 by Alex. 

Peace Healing Blessing

This Peace Healing Blessing derives from Hindu tradition. Open up to the blessing for your own peaceful well being, or focus the healing energy outward into the world.

Infuse your Being with your chosen Timeline.

Discover what is this coming December 21 2020 Solstice about! Intro to our Solstice Meditation. 

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